What is a Conforming Reckless Driving Plea in Arizona?

reckless driving

What is a Conforming Reckless Driving Plea and How Can it Help in DUI cases?

reckless drivingPlea deals can help you serve a lower sentence for offenses you’re facing. There are some ways to plead down an Arizona DUI case into lesser charges that will leave you with more freedom and options when it comes to facing penalties.

One such way to plead a DUI down is to use a conforming reckless plea. While an attorney likes to see their client walk away with no charges at all, sometimes, that simply isn’t possible. And while it’s no fun for anyone to face accepting a conviction and charges, sometimes it’s in your best interest to work to just get the best sentencing possible.

A consideration in whether or not to plead the charges down is the evidence against you. If the prosecution has a good case with compelling evidence, you’ll struggle to prove your innocence and could face more severe penalties than you would if you entered a plea deal.

Why would the courts want to accept a lower plea? It can save them time and resources to move the case along. Paying for the prosecution to present your case and have a judge hear the case means using up precious resources that municipalities look to protect.

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What is a conforming reckless plea and what are the benefits?

Entering a reckless plea can allow you to accept a lesser charge and therefore lesser consequences than a full-fledged DUI. A first-time offense of a DUI is a class 1 misdemeanor. When you plead that down, you’ll instead face a class 2 misdemeanor, which has lesser consequences associated with it.

The lesser charge means that you could serve less probation, pay lower fines, face less jail time and even avoid a criminal record. Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of this plea arrangement is that you don’t have to put an ignition interlock device on your vehicle, which would allow you to keep living your life as normal once you get past the initial period of serving time and paying fines for the offense.

Additionally, the license suspensions that you might face will be less than what you could face if convicted of a DUI. This is another great reason to consider a plea agreement because license suspension will have a huge bearing on life as you know it.

Plea arrangements are completely up to the judge as to whether or not to accept them. When making that decision, the judge will evaluate your character, previous history and other factors. Individuals with no history of a DUI on their record are more likely to be able to enter into a plea arrangement.

Arizona DUI law is some of the strictest for DUIs in the country. Because Arizona pursues charges for DUIs, it’s more difficult to get the charges dropped entirely. And that’s where the plea arrangement can be greatly beneficial for you.

Entrusting the decision to your Arizona DUI attorney

You should not enter a plea arrangement on your own. Not all cases are ideal for a plea arrangement for reckless driving charges. Instead, you should trust your Arizona DUI attorney to make the best decision for your case.

This is one reason why it’s crucial to have your attorney present during all questioning and proceedings. That way, your attorney knows all the aspects of your case and can advise you on the best next step for you. When your attorney recommends a plea, there’s a good reason for it. You should listen carefully to their reasoning.

Hiring an experienced and competent Arizona DUI attorney will benefit your DUI case. You should choose your attorney wisely to ensure you have the best possible chance of avoiding a DUI conviction.

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