What Happens if You’re Convicted of a Third DUI in Arizona?

third dui in arizona

What Happens if You’re Convicted of a Third DUI in Arizona?

Most people will, thankfully, never know what it’s like to get arrested for DUI. For others, a mistake like drinking and driving can haunt them for the rest of their lives. The conviction will stay on your criminal record. You’ll also have your driver’s license suspended for a period of time. As scary as this can be, imagine how much worse it is for someone who’s been charged with their third DUI. Criminal lawyers in Arizona meet with clients all the time who don’t realize the severity of multiple DUI convictions. If you’re facing this charge, you certainly don’t want to handle it on your own.

The State of Arizona has intentionally put very strict penalties in place for people who are convicted of three (3) DUIs. It’s impossible to convince a judge that you simply made a mistake. It’s hard to believe that someone would make this kind of mistake three times. That’s why it’s critically important that you have a criminal lawyer in Arizona who can poke holes in the State’s case. There is no reduced plea for a third DUI. The only option you have is to fight for an acquittal. Here, we’ll discuss the various penalties associated with a third DUI offense in Arizona. If you have further questions, feel free to contact our office and talk to a skilled criminal lawyer in Arizona.

The Penalties for DUI Get Worse with Each Offense

As with most other crimes in Arizona, if you’re convicted for subsequent offenses for DUI, you can expect the penalties to be quite high. Typically, people charged with DUI for the first time can expect serious but not life-changing consequences. They understand that they’ll lose their license for a bit. They also expect to pay a bunch of money in fines. When it comes to a second or third conviction for DUI, things get much more serious. You will be facing jail time. You’ll also be levied with thousands of dollars in fines. When you meet with your criminal lawyer in Arizona, they can explain the worst-case scenario for you. The only thing you can hope is that your attorney is able to get the minimum sentencing possible in your case.

The Court Does Not Go Easy on Repeat Offenders

The reason the penalties for DUI are so high is that the courts are concerned with public safety. When you get behind the wheel after drinking or doing drugs, you’re taking your life in your hands. But you’re also risking the lives of every other motorist and pedestrian on the road. It’s not fair that some innocent person should have to worry about getting hurt or killed because you decided to drink and drive. Therefore, the courts have absolutely no sympathy for drunk driving offenders. Your criminal lawyer in Arizona will not be able to sell a “woe is me” tale to the judge for your third DUI charge. They’ll have to either poke holes in the prosecutor’s case or fight to get you the lightest sentence possible.

Your Criminal Lawyer in Arizona Will Have to Fight to Keep You Out of Jail

If you’re convicted of a 3rd DUI within eight (8) years, you will be facing real jail time. Of course, you’ll be arrested and taken to jail when you’re arrested. However, once convicted, you could be sentenced to anywhere from four (4) months to two (2) years. It all depends on your prior criminal history and the facts surrounding your case.

In addition to a jail sentence, you’ll also be facing the following penalties for a 3rd DUI:

  • Minimum fine of $750
  • Additional fines of anywhere from $4,000 to $150,000
  • Mandatory ignition interlock device for when you do get your license back
  • 30 days or more of community service
  • Alcohol classes and program
  • Proof that you have obtained SR-22 insurance
  • Driver’s license suspension of at least three (3) years

Your criminal lawyer in Arizona will do their best to get the minimum consequences in your case. At least they have a working relationship with the prosecutor. This means they’ll be more willing to entertain a conversation with your attorney.

Contact an Experienced Criminal Lawyer in Arizona as Soon as Possible After Your Arrest

Clearly, if you’re facing charges for a third DUI in eight (8) years, you need as much help as you can get. Call and talk to one of our experienced criminal lawyers in Arizona immediately after your arrest.