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Have you been charged with underage consumption or minor in the consumption of alcohol in Tucson?  Have you consulted with an experienced Minor in Consumption attorney in Tucson?

Underage Consumption/Minor in Consumption of Alcohol – Tucson Minor in Consumption Attorneys
The legal age to consume alcohol is 21 in Arizona. You may be charged with Underage Consumption of Alcohol or Minor in Consumption of Alcohol if you are under 21 years old and you have been found with a traceable amount of alcohol in your system. An Underage Consumption/MIC charge is classified as a Class 2 Misdemeanor. Punishments for a Minor in Consumption vary, but often include:

  • Up to 2 year driver’s license suspension
  • Up to $500 fine and court costs
  • Community service
  • Alcohol awareness classes
  • Misdemeanor conviction on criminal record

Other Underage Drinking Related Crimes in Tucson

You may be charged with Possession of Alcohol by a Minor instead of Minor in Consumption of Alcohol if you are under 21 years of age and you are found possessing alcohol rather than consuming it.  The charge of Possession of Alcohol of a Minor caries similar punishments to an Underage Consumption charge.

Another common underage drinking-related crime is Presenting False Identification for the Purpose of Purchasing Alcohol.  If you are charged with Presenting False ID for the Purpose of Purchasing Alcohol, you are facing a Class 1 Misdemeanor with the following possible penalties::

  • Up to a $750 fine
  • Up to (4) four months in jail
  • Alcohol abuse and treatment program
  • Class 1 Misdemeanor conviction on your criminal record

The most serious underage drinking-related charge is driving under the influence while under the age of 21, often referred to as a “Baby DUI.”  In order to be convicted of underage drunk driving in Tucson the state must only prove that you had a trace amount of alcohol in your system while you operated a vehicle.  The prosecution is not required to prove impairment.

Possible punishment includes:

  • $1,500 fines and costs
  • Up to 10 days in jail (9 days suspended if successful completion of alcohol evaluation/treatment)
  • Loss of driving privileges for up to (2) two years
  • Community service and probation

In addition to the many legal consequences you face with an underage drinking charge, you could also be facing other consequences such as suspension or expulsion from school or loss of employment.  With so much to lose it’s important you have an experienced Tucson underage drinking lawyer on your side.  Call our dedicated DUI lawyers in Tucson for a free consultation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.