Procedure for Reinstating a Suspended Arizona License

What’s the Procedure for Reinstating a Suspended Arizona License?

Your license may be suspended or revoked after you get charged with driving under the influence. The Department of Transportation (DOT) has a special division responsible for such revocations – the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD). MVD has a number of suspension requirements that will have to be satisfied for reinstating a suspended Arizona license.

The Reinstatement Procedure

reinstating a suspended arizona licenseOnce you are eligible to apply for reinstating a suspended Arizona license, you will have to complete an investigation packet. The packet consists of various questions that have to be answered on top of the eligibility requirements:

  • The suspension or revocation period should have ended before applying for reinstatement
  • A court judgment must be satisfied
  • Proof should be available that the driver doesn’t have a suspension in another state (if this is the case, a license cannot be reinstated in Arizona)
  • All traffic complaints and violations against the applicant have to be resolved first

On top of the packet, people who have gone through an alcohol or a drug-related revocation will have to obtain Proof of Future Financial Responsibility.

What to do if You don’t Agree with the Suspension

If you don’t want to wait for the suspension/revocation period to be over and you don’t agree with such a decision, you can request an administrative hearing. The MVD will be responsible for such a hearing. Keep in mind that the procedure is not related to legal and court proceedings in any way.

A hearing cannot be requested by the individuals who have gone through a mandatory revocation or suspension. Such people will have to wait for the suspension period to be over before requesting a license reinstatement.

The hearing request can be submitted online at the MVD website, via email or fax. All of the information is available on the Arizona MVD website.

After the request is received, a hearing will be scheduled in the coming 35 days. Anyone who is requesting a hearing outside of Phoenix or Tucson should be prepared for a longer waiting period of up to 60 days.

A decision will be made during the hearing and if the outcome isn’t favorable, you can immediately request the scheduling of a re-hearing. If you want to appeal those two decisions, you will have to file with the Arizona superior court.

How Much does it Cost to Reinstate a Suspended Driver License?

When you decide to get your license reinstated, you should be prepared for a couple of fees and charges. The first one is an application fee. This fee is 10 dollars for people aged 50 and older, 15 dollars for those in the 45 to 49 age group, 20 dollars for those aged 40 to 44 and 25 dollars for drivers aged 39 and younger.

An additional reinstatement fee of 10 dollars will have to be paid by all of the applicants.

The cost of reinstating a commercial license is different. To get more information about the current charge, you may want to contact Arizona MVD via their website or phone to find out more.

A payment of the fees can be made both online and by mail if you do not want to go through the procedure in person.

If you do not have a photo on file with the Arizona MVD, you will have to visit the office at least once. If you have a photo on file, all of the license reinstatement steps can be completed online.

After the successful reinstatement of your license, you will have to go through a mandatory probation period that lasts one year. Any new violation committed during the probation period will lead to an additional license suspension.