Out of State Drivers Charged with DUI in Arizona?

out of state drivers charged with dui in arizona

What Happens to Out of State Drivers Charged with DUI in Arizona?

DUI regulations are typically examined in the context of local license holders. What happens, however, when a person whose license is issued by another state commits a DUI in Arizona? Can Arizona authorities suspend a license that wasn’t issued by them? Here’s an overview of the consequences of out of state drivers charged with DUI in Arizona.

General Rules for Out-of-State License Holders

Only the state that has issued a license has the right to either suspend or revoke it. Thus, a person who’s accused of DUI in Arizona and who holds a license issued in another state will get an Arizona license number for the purpose of penalty enforcement.

The following consequences like license restrictions and the installation of an ignition interlock device (IID) will only be applicable on the territory of the state where the DUI was committed.

Some may feel happy about this procedure but it’s not really lenient towards the out-of-state drivers. Arizona authorities will inform the state officials where the license was issued of the violation. Depending on the circumstances, home state authorities can either choose to honor the sanctions imposed in Arizona or they will impose alternative penalties based on local regulations.

This means that an out-of-state driver will potentially be subjected to sanction in two places – both the state where the DUI was committed and the state where their license was issued.

Tips and Suggestions for Out of State Drivers Charged with DUI in Arizona

out of state drivers charged with dui in arizonaWhether you’re visiting Arizona as a tourist or a professional, you risk committing a traffic violation if you don’t stick to local regulations. In this situation, you should be prepared to face the consequences.

A person whose license was issued in another state could be charged with DUI in Arizona. In this instance, it would be vitally important to get in touch with an experienced Arizona DUI attorney immediately. A local professional is familiar with Arizona laws and sanctions. Thus, the lawyer will get to analyze the situation adequately and choose the most effective line of defense.

Because potential penalties in two states could apply, the situation gets to be a bit more challenging. What you should know in the aftermath of a DUI charge is that if you get convicted, you will have to pay penalties and fines in Arizona. You cannot appeal fines when you go back home because the violation itself was committed and processed on the territory of Arizona.

The jail sentence imposed in Arizona is another troublesome consequence you should be prepared for. In most instances, an out-of-state driver will have to serve the sentence in Arizona. A transfer to the home state may be possible under specific circumstances. If the defendant can come up with such an arrangement, they will be responsible for the costs of the transfer process.

Prior Offenses Committed in Another State

You may have committed a first-time DUI in Arizona but will a former DUI in another state affect the severity of the sanctions?

Whenever the prosecution finds out that an out-of-state driver is not a first-time offender, it may request for the previous charges to be considered when the defendant is being sentenced.

The selection of the right Arizona DUI attorney in such situations will be even more important. A lawyer that has enough experience in Arizona DUIs could potentially prove that the prior charge is unrelated to the current one and it should not be taken in consideration.

In some states, for example, a driver may be charged with BAC of less than 0.08 percent. This is the blood alcohol concentration that leads to DUI charges in Arizona. If there are serious differences in the regulations, a lawyer would be capable of dismissing the previous charge. In such an instance, the out-of-state driver will be examined as a first-time offender.