MLB Player Arrested for DUI in Arizona

mlb player arrested

MLB Player Arrested for DUI in Arizona

mlb player arrestedNobody is immune from being arrested for DUI in Arizona. San Francisco Giants outfielder Cameron Maybin is learning that right now. He was recently arrested for DUI in Scottsdale, Arizona. Maybin, 31, was pulled over by police in the early morning hours of March 1, after police observed him driving approximately 60 mph in a 40-mph zone. Police say they observed the vehicle swerving as well.

During the stop, police say they observed signs of impairment, including bloodshot and watery eyes as well as an odor of alcohol. Maybin told police that he was at an area restaurant where he admitted to having five “pretty big” glasses of wine. He said he was on his way to a hotel to meet with his agent. After failing multiple Field Sobriety Tests, he was arrested. Police say that his blood-alcohol level was .142 percent, just below the level of being an “extreme DUI” charge.

What Is Going To Happen?

Cameron Maybin made his Major League Baseball debut in 2007 and has played with seven teams since. He signed a minor league contract with the San Francisco Giants in February. Since his blood-alcohol level was above the legal limit of .08 percent but below the threshold of an extreme DUI charge (.15 percent), he has been charged with a Standard DUI. The penalties for a Standard DUI charge are:

  • 10 days jail time
  • $1,500 fine
  • 90 license suspension
  • Interlock device for 1 year
  • Alcohol evaluation/treatment program

The Giants said in a statement that, “We are aware of the situation and are monitoring. We have no further comment at this time.”

Arizona takes DUIs very seriously. There is no doubt that alcohol-related accidents caused serious harm. For the latest reporting year, we can see that there were 4,854 alcohol-related crashes in Arizona. Out of those, there were 320 fatalities and over 3,000 injuries.

  • Alcohol-related crashes were responsible for 32% of all traffic crash fatalities in 2017.

According to the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, there were 26,296 DUI arrests in 2017, a slight increase from the previous year.

What Happens Next?

If you have been arrested and charged with driving under the influence, you need to act quickly to secure a qualified and experienced attorney. There is simply too much at stake in a DUI case to rely on a public defender. A guilty plea for a DUI charge can result in fines and jail time, but those are not the only consequences you need to be concerned about. You do not want a DUI conviction showing up on background checks for the rest of your life. They can impact your ability to get a job and even affect things like child custody. An Arizona DUI defense attorney will examine all of the facts of your case in an effort to get the charges dismissed or reduced. Each case is unique, but defenses can be mounted around:

  • Examining whether or not an officer had probable cause for the traffic stop that led to the DUI arrest. An officer must suspect that a person has broken the law in order to pull you over.
  • Looking at the calibration of a breathalyzer testing machine and calling into question its accuracy. There are standards that must be followed with all breathalyzer machines, including regular inspections of their accuracy.
  • Examining how the Field Sobriety Tests were conducted and calling into question their effectiveness. This can be an effective defense for people with disabilities or underlying medical conditions that could affect FST results.
  • Looking at your prior criminal history. If you have a clean criminal background, particularly when it comes to driving offenses, a skilled attorney will likely be able to get your charges reduced.

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