How to Get My License Reinstated After DUI?

how to get my license reinstated

How to Get My License Reinstated After DUI?

how to get my license reinstatedIt’s the uglier part of DUI arrests, but a necessary one to thwart near-future deaths: the license suspension. Nearly imminent on all DUI cases adjudicated “guilty”, losing one’s driving privileges means either a hardship license must be fought for, or no driving will be permitted – period.

Let’s see what Arizona does by way of reinstatement of driving privileges after the court-ordered period of time has passed.

License Reinstatement

Having completed required classes, paid required fines and served your suspension, you’ll work towards full restoration of driving privileges which, of course, costs more money.  However, the rewards of driving across the turnpikes, roadways and back to work are priceless; therefore, being adamant in seeking your license is vital.

Upon complete restoration, you’ll probably need SR-22 insurance as well.  Let’s review steps required in obtaining your driving privileges from Arizona MVD:

  1. Paying Restoration Fee

You’ll have from $10-$600 (the latter the highest abandoned vehicle fee) going towards restoration fees, payable to Motor Vehicle Division, simply to click buttons in computer.  This may be paid through any MVD center around Arizona, or by remitting payment in full before requesting your reinstatement.  Pay this surcharge, including whatever associated fees may accompany reinstatement, online at or by visiting a MVD branch.

  1. Wait for Notice

Regardless where you paid the fee, MVD will send notice of reinstatement to the address listed on your driving record.  Sometimes that notice is immediate, or perhaps you’ll wait several weeks.  Either way, you’ll receive notice in which then you’ll head towards final steps needed. If you’ve not heard back after several weeks, call the MVD to ask for your Notice of Reinstatement.

  1. Follow Renewal Procedures

Much like renewing outdated licenses, you’ll head towards your local MVD, with letter in hand, and present appropriate identification, take whatever tests are required, and receive your license once again.  Should having viable insurance proof be mandatory, make sure you’ve brought proper proof you’ve obtained such coverage to keep the process moving forward.

Motorists have also secured attorney assistance in helping to restore driving privileges, something you’ll consider depending on what sort of resistance you’re met with during the process of reinstatement.

Understanding Penalties

Obviously, taking away a license is beneficial to other drivers – or at least that’s how the courts see things. Apart from that, you will always be afforded the opportunity to have penalties explained by counsel, courts and the MVD.

Accused motorists who’ve been successful in retaining counsel, or receiving public defenders, will have these complete penalties explained fully by courts during all hearings or arraignments, and by their chosen counsel.  It’s important to note that everyone must follow the guidance of their legal advisors since reluctant individuals are often met with similar resistance.

DUI attorneys are compassionate, understand your fears and simply want cases amicably resolved.  Therefore, when reading through potential penalties such as those above, remember that some, or all, could disappear depending on attitude, acceptance and willingness to listen. Facing judges without attorney assistance means you’ll walk into court without vital DUI bargaining tools, all the more reason why hiring adequate defense counsel is mandatory.

Get your privileges restored

Driving under the influence is a license suspension offense not only in Arizona, but also in other states where you’ll probably travel. The penalties are severe since operating an automobile while intoxicated with alcohol or other drugs like marijuana and cocaine can cause death, injuries and damage to properties.

DUI is categorized in Arizona in three distinct levels, making the loss of driving privileges progressively worse as each level is achieved. Keep these facts in mind before hiring the perfect DUI attorney.

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