How Does a Lawyer Help in an Arizona DUI case

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How Does a Lawyer Help in an Arizona DUI case

lawyer helpArizona takes DUI cases very seriously and charges those who have been convicted of a DUI with harsh penalties. It is your right to present a defense in a DUI case. Having a DUI lawyer by your side throughout the proceedings can be life-altering.

Experience in building a defense

Representing yourself in a DUI case is possible. However, the result is not likely to be as favorable as it would be if you were to hire an Arizona DUI lawyer. That’s because DUI attorneys have experience in building a defense based on Arizona law.

DUI attorneys have represented countless individuals in cases much like yours. They know the ins and outs of how to win the case and what to look for in the documentation of your traffic violation paperwork to see gaps.

Sometimes police officers don’t get it right and do a poor job handling a DUI traffic violation or don’t document the incident properly. In those cases, having an experienced attorney who can help you navigate the defense process is crucial.

Knowledge of Arizona law

Each state handles DUI cases differently. You want to ensure you have an attorney with extensive experience in defending DUIs in Arizona specifically. While attorneys can successfully move their law practice from one state to another, it takes time to get the in-depth knowledge necessary to mount a strong defense.

An Arizona DUI lawyer will be very familiar with Arizona laws around DUIs and can help you understand your rights throughout the proceedings. One of the key aspects to a successful DUI defense is in not incriminating yourself at any point in the process. This can be difficult if you don’t understand the process, the laws or your own rights as the defendant.  Click here for information on our experienced Tucson DUI attorneys.

Understanding of the court system

You may not realize it, but having an understanding of the court system can have a large bearing on the result of your DUI case. That’s because there are certain deadlines for filing paperwork that you must meet as well as knowledge about how the process works.

If you are navigating a DUI defense yourself, it can be difficult to gather the necessary information to mount your defense. That’s because you might not know the resources and places to gain information.

The MVD hearing

When your charged with suspicion of a DUI, the police will take your driver’s license and provide you with a temporary permit. This permit is only good for 15 days and the burden is on you to set up a motor vehicle division (MVD) hearing to further determine whether or not your license will be suspended.

Not being able to drive will alter your life greatly and make it difficult for you to do things like get to work or shop for groceries. This is a very important part of your defense that you’ll want to have a lawyer with you for. If you fail to set up a hearing in those 15 days, your license will be automatically suspended.

This is similar to the criminal case you’ll face in that you have the opportunity to present evidence and testimony. Your attorney will work to prove that the evidence against you is weak. An attorney can help you put together witness accounts, your own personal testament as well as presenting evidence for your case.

If convicted of a DUI, you’ll face a minimum of one day in jail and 90 days without your license. You’ll also face hefty fines and having an ignition interlock device placed on your vehicle for no less than six months. You could be required to undergo counseling as well.

With strict penalties, a DUI could be more than just the minor inconvenience of a traffic violation. You could face life-altering circumstances if you can’t present a strong defense. In these cases, you should consider hiring an Arizona DUI attorney to handle your defense.