DUI Prescription Drugs in Arizona

DUI Prescription Drugs in Arizona

DUI Prescription Drugs in Arizona

Arizona DUI defense lawyers often get calls from people who are angry that they’ve been arrested for DUI. The first thing they say is that they didn’t have a drop to drink when they were pulled over for what they thought was a routine traffic stop. The next thing they know, they’re being handcuffed and taken off to jail. They don’t realize that people can be arrested for driving while under the influence of drugs, including prescription drugs. So many people these days take prescription medications for recreational purposes. When these medications aren’t taken as intended, they can make the user just as high as if they were taking an illegal drug.

Certain drugs do make a person unfit to drive. When you get behind the wheel after using drugs like Xanax or Percocet, you may not be in a position to operate a car safely. You may not notice the difference. If you take a medication daily, or a few times a day, yu don’t realize how it affects you. When a police officer in Arizona pulls you over, they see something completely different. No matter how much you protest, the officer is going to follow standard protocol. When you’re arrested and taken to jail for DUI, the first thing you need to do is call an Arizona DUI defense lawyer.

Arizona DUI Laws Include Impairment from Prescription Medications

For some reason, a lot of people think they can only be arrested for DUI when they’ve been drinking. The truth is that the Arizona police can arrest you if they think you’re under the influence of any substance. Their main question is whether or not you can safely operate a motor vehicle. Their main goal is not to punish innocent people. They need to make sure that other motorists on the road are safe. It’s the people who are arrested for being under the influence of prescription medications that are so surprised. When they talk to their Arizona DUI defense lawyer, they express their disbelief that they did anything wrong.

What Defenses Can Your Arizona DUI Defense Lawyer Offer?

One of the main defenses your Arizona DUI defense lawyer can raise is that you weren’t impaired. They can possibly use the officer’s video of the field sobriety test to see how well you performed. They can also ask for results of any blood or chemical tests that were run. The amount of the drug that’s in your system can help indicate if you were impaired or not.

Your Arizona DUI defense lawyer will also argue that you were taking your medicine as prescribed. This too can be demonstrated by using the results of a blood test. The amount of the drug in your system can be telling. For example, if your doctor tells you to take a medication three (3) times a day, you should take it three times a day. Just beware – if the medication indicates that you shouldn’t operate a motor vehicle or heavy machinery while using the drug, you can absolutely be found to be impaired.

Contact an Experienced Arizona DUI Defense Lawyer Right Away

With so many police officers becoming acutely aware of the opioid pandemic, it’s not surprising that more people are arrested for DUI involving drugs. Officers have to be trained to spot drivers who may be under the influence of any dangerous substance. This isn’t limited to alcohol. They often find drivers who are impaired from other substances such as heroin, methamphetamine and prescription medications. The problem is that a lot of people who are arrested and charged with DUI were taking legitimate prescriptions. They have no choice but to hire an experienced Arizona DUI defense lawyer to help them prove their innocence.

If this has happened to you or your spouse, know that there is hope on the horizon. If you can prove that you were taken your medication as prescribed, there’s a chance you can get your charges dismissed. The problem is that it can be hard to prove this. That’s where your Arizona DUI defense lawyer enters the picture. Call as soon as possible and get them on your side. You can schedule an initial meeting to find out if they can help. There’s a lot at stake and you don’t want to try to handle this on your own.