Does a Public Official Have an Unfair Advantage with DUI?

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Does a Public Official Have an Unfair Advantage with DUI?

public officialIf you are going out and plan on having some drinks, it is always a good idea to have a designated driver or be ready to take a rideshare home. However, we know that not every outing is planned ahead of time and that many people find themselves at a restaurant with their friends after a long work week. In some cases, people make a choice to drive after they have had a few.

What happens if you are pulled over?

What happens if you are arrested for driving impaired?

DUI charges are not uncommon. In fact, in many cases, they are not even warranted and the person gets the charges dismissed.

But what about a public official? Do they face an unfair bias before their case is even heard?

Today, we want to discuss DUI charges and why, regardless of who you are, you may need help from an Arizona DUI defense attorney.

What happens with public officials?

We want to bring you a recent story from the Phoenix New Times that highlights something we have a problem with – the public shaming of anyone who is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty.

The title of the article is – “5 Other Arizona Public Officials Who Were Busted for DUI.”

We understand that public officials are supposed to be held to a higher standard, but do you think anyone who reads these stories is led to believe there is a possibility the person may be innocent?

The problem is that this does not just happen to public officials. Nearly every DUI arrest is going to show up in a news article, fresh with a person’s mugshot and a list of charges. In many cases, a person being highlighted is not guilty of the charges, but the public has already formed their opinions. A reputation is already ruined.

This guilty until proven innocent attitude is the reason a person needs to secure a skilled Arizona DUI defense attorney. Your legal team can cut through the sensationalism and paint a picture of what really happened.

  • Why were you stopped in the first place?
  • Was the Field Sobriety Test conducted properly, and is it even admissible as evidence?
  • Were you read your rights or mislead about whether you had to provide a field breath alcohol test?

Please understand that the penalties for a guilty conviction for DUI are serious and that there are multiple levels:

  • Standard DUI: BAC above .08%
  • Extreme DUI: BAC above .15%
  • Super Extreme DUI: BAC above .20%

A first offense for these charges sees a range of penalties, from 10 to 45 days in jail, thousands of dollars in fines, license suspension, and an ignition interlock requirement for your vehicle. A second offense or above can net serious upgrades to those penalties.

If a person causes damages or injuries as a result of alleged drunk driving, they will be charged with aggravated DUI, which can lead to much harsher penalties.

Nearly all DUI convictions will also result in the requirement that a driver obtain costly SR-22 high-risk insurance.

Let us help you through this

Whether you are a public official or someone just like the rest of us, an impaired driving charge can mean serious consequences. Not only are you facing fines and jail time, but you also need to be concerned about a criminal record and a tarnished reputation. That is why it is vital that you secure help from an Arizona DUI defense lawyer as soon as possible. Your attorney will analyze all aspects of your case and work to get your charges reduced or dismissed. It is time to take charge of your situation.

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