Cool Mist Humidifier-Getting The Facts

A cool mist humidifier is a device that creates a cool, invisible and refreshing mist to the surrounding area, click here to find out more. In which it causes health benefits along with many others ranging from costs to the environment.

In this article we will be going over some topics relating the humidifiers.

Some of these topics are of just a few of the different benefits it causes Via economically ( money costs ), health and environmental benefits.

We will also cover the types of the cool mist hum. and a few features.

In today's article we will also cover a few advantages as well followed by some pros and cons over it.

What Does It Do 

Do you have any questions on what it does? Here we will discuss what a cool mist hum. does.

  • The dry air flows into the cool air humidifier by traveling through the back end or sides
  • There is a wick filter that the air seeps through right after
  • The wick filter traps all the minerals and types of impurities such as different forms of sediment
  • Moisture is added to the air by a quiet,very powerful fan that dispenses it as a nice refreshing, invisible mist.
  • Recommendation level is between fifty and thirty percent levels of humidity.

Benefits It Has

Health benefits

  • Help elevate asthma
  • Relief from scratchy throats
  • Reflief from bloody noses
  • Dry cracking of skin
  • Great for sinus health
  • Allergy and cold relief

Comfort Benefits such as a better nights worth of sleep

Benefits top those of warm mist varieties

Environment benefits such as a healthy growing environment for plant life

Affordable costs


  If you are needing something tiny and portable; but humidifies one room try the Tabletop version. It is affordable and very small.Larger areas such as an entire house may need a console humidifier. However this can tend to get a little more pricey. In-duct versions also humidifies a whole home. Installed in the air ducts- more efficient on energy saving than the other two varieties. Is lower maintenance.

Disadvantage though is the high price it comes with unlike the Tabletop version


  • Evaporative

The humidifier has a fan to suck in the warmer air out of the surrounding area. In which than used to vaporize water that is held within the wick. The atmosphere in the surrounding area becomes more and more moisturized as the water naturally becomes evaporated. Which is then carried away.

  • Ultrasonic

The use of higher-frequency vibrations of ultrasonic waves. That is how the water gets vaporized. A lot quieter since there is no need of use for a fan


  • Some contain a humidistat, a humidity measuring device
  • Allows measurements of the levels of moisture in surrounding area
  • Having an automatic shut off (Energy-saving) Less chance of motor burn up
  • Having Anti-microbial technology makes them a better candidate for lowest maintenance performances

Pros vs Cons


  • Many health benefits
  • Furniture prevention benefits
  • Environment benefits
  • Risk free from being burnt (safety benefits)
  • Affordable costs
  • Much wider area spread
  • There are more benefits for cool mist humidifiers than there are warm mist humidifiers
  • Relief from dry stale air


  • If not properly maintained, can easily turn into a breeding ground for germs and fungi
  • Makes it a higher maintenance job- Condensation, to high percentage levels are not good
  • Warm surroundings can irritate sinuse issues causing health problems

Being a parent myself, I prefer a cool mist over a warm mist device any day. Not only for the children's safety. But for my pets safety too. It is affordable for one. And the benefits are great. You really can get a hold nights sleep.

Even though it is high maintenance it does it's job. I no longer have to worry about my wooden floors cracking. The humidifier also helps my children when they are sick and congested. It helps loosen all that up and making it easier for them to breathe. Which I'm turn helps with asthmatic people or people who suffer from allergies.

When I bought the humidifier off Amazon I had doubts at first. But after trying it out it was noticeable. My children could sleep at peace when they were sick. During the winter we no longer had to worry over bloody noses and dry, irritated throats. We could just simply breathe.