Can You Travel Abroad with an Arizona DUI Conviction?

travel abroad with an arizona dui conviction

Can You Travel Abroad with an Arizona DUI Conviction?

A DUI conviction will affect your life in more than one way. The criminal record that will be created in the aftermath is going to stay with you for multiple years. It will affect your insurance and a number of everyday life aspects. In addition, it may impact your plans to travel abroad with an Arizona DUI conviction.

Traveling to Canada

Impaired driving is classified as a felony crime in Canada. Thus, you may experience some problems when planning a trip to the country.

Canada does restrict people who have a DUI from entering its territory. There’s only one exception and it applies to people who have a single DUI and who haven’t spent time in jail for it. There will still be a fine of about 200 dollars that will have to be paid but such individuals can travel to Canada.

Criminal rehabilitation is possible five years after the conviction. People who apply for it will regain the right to travel to Canada without additional complications. Once the criminal record expires in a 10-year period and if a person has managed to keep their criminal record clean, they will regain the right to visit Canada.

Visiting European Countries

Countries that are member states of the European Union (EU) have adopted uniform laws towards DUIs.

According to EU legislature, a DUI is not classified as a prohibited offense. People who have a DUI on their criminal record can travel to the EU member states and also move from one of these countries to another.

Keep in mind that if a person gets denied to enter one EU member countries, the information will be shared via the Second Generation Schengen Information System (SIS II). Thus, similar terms and conditions for travel abroad with an Arizona DUI conviction will apply in all of the EU countries. A person could be denied entry into a European Union country if the DUI is accompanied by aggravating factors.

Asian Countries and DUI Convictions

Obviously, each Asian country has its specific regulations when it comes to allowing the entry of people who have a DUI record. Here are a few of the most prominent regulations:

  • China: the Chinese authorities do examine criminal background but decisions are made on an individual basis. If you have a DUI, you will be asked to attach an explanatory letter to your visa application.
  • India: you can get a tourist visa even if you have a DUI on record.
  • Thailand and Indonesia do not list the DUI as one of the reasons for which entry into the country could be denied.
  • Japan: it could be difficult to get a visa to go to Japan if you have a DUI conviction. Both misdemeanor and felony charge information has to be provided alongside your visa application. Depending on the specifics of the conviction, a background check could be carried out.
  • Dubai, Persian Gulf and Middle Eastern countries: there are no specific restrictions but countries like Dubai are extra-sensitive about alcohol-related crimes. The granting of a visa will often be left to the discretion of the embassy representative.

Australia and New Zealand Travel

travel abroad with an arizona dui convictionUnfortunately, Australia and New Zealand also rank among the places you’ll have difficulties traveling to in the aftermath of your Arizona DUI.

People who have a prison sentence of 12 months or more after a DUI conviction will be denied entry into Australia. Your travel application will be turned down even if you didn’t have to serve the entire sentence.

People who have committed a DUI in the past five years will need to get a waiver in order to enter New Zealand. Those who have an older sentence and individuals who served less than 12 months in prison will probably be granted the right to travel to New Zealand like everyone else.

Do not fail to consult experienced Tucson DUI attorneys before you travel abroad with an Arizona DUI conviction.