Best Crib Mattress for Little Kids

A good mattress makes the bed much comfier for the baby. It provides a good support for the delicate growing bones. There are two types of mattresses one can go for;

  • Foam mattress
  • Innerspring mattress

There is better between the two, the main thing to be concerned about is whether the mattress is of the right quality, look for the bests in this site BestMattress4you@com. We shall look at the features of a good mattress for kids, advantages and disadvantages if there is any. It is important to note that young ones spend close to 16 hours in sleep. Safety and comfort is a huge concern. However, we need to know that there is too much misleading information.

Features of a good mattress for kids

a)Dual purpose

A good kid’s mattress can serve in a crib’s bed and in a toddler’s bed. To ensure this, one side of the mattress should be firmer than the other. When an infant has outgrown the crib, the mattress can be shifted to toddler’s bed.

One side of the mattress should be firm to allow the young one to sleep comfortably and prevent suffocation by sinking into the mattress. A firmer side, a firmer side will help prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.


When a mattress is light it makes it easier to change the sheets single-handedly. One can lift it with one hand to change.

c)Not too much plastic smell

The smell may not be really harmful but it can give a bad impression and make one feel uncomfortable with. The plastic smell should go away quickly after unpackaging.

d)Easy to clean

The mattress should be stitched around the side of the mattress and not around the top. This will ensure easy cleaning especially if something spills on it. The spilled substance is not going to get trapped around the edges. One is pretty sure that a rhizopus(mould) isn’t going to grow on it as it won’t get damp.

e)Water resistant

The exterior of the mattress should be natural and non-toxic.


A kid spends much of their time kid-life on this mattress. The mattress should be firm but breathable. Not having many chemicals will make the mattress safer.

g)Stain free

A good kids’ mattress should not stain easily.

h)Should be standard sized

This means it should fit standard-sized beds. Approximately it can measure 52.5 by 27.5 by 5.5 inches.

i)Discourages kids from jumping on it.

A kid mattress with springs encourages kids to jump on it. A good kid mattress can avoid the springs.


Allergies may be caused may be caused by dust, fur of animals amongst many other agents. A good kid mattress should be fitted with hypoallergenic antibacterial mattress cover or mattress protector. Better still, the mattress can be made of a naturally repellent material to dust mites like latex foam.

Pros and cons of kids’ mattresses

  • An open coil mattress is budget friendly; however, it is less durable than foam mattress.
  • A memory foam mattress is very comfortable but gives off toxic gases for long.
  • A latex foam is hypoallergenic, antibacterial, comfortable, and durable and does not give off toxic gases.
  • It is however expensive.
  • A futon mattress is budget friendly. It lasts long and does not produce toxic gases.


The right mattress should not make the kids feel unnecessary pressure. A mattress must not be too firm to put too much pressure on delicate parts of the body like the spine. A good mattress should not take kid sleeping on it out of alignment. From the description of the features of a good mattress for kids, we note that quality matters than type. Also, from the comparison between various types of mattresses, we can ascertain that memory foam mattresses aren’t the best for children. This is because of the many side effects like breathing problems and allergies due to their off-gassing properties. Mattresses can be a habitat to microorganisms that cause allergies in kids. The comfortability of a mattress depends on the ease with which a kid falls asleep. Good sleep to a kid improve their health, memory, and concentration when they are awake. Because technologies have their shortcomings, parents need to make wise decisions when picking a mattress for their loved young ones.