During an arrest, the common mistake that people make is trying to get out of being arrested. Some arrestees attempt to cry their way out. The bolder arrestees often take a more aggressive approach by telling officers that they need to fight real crime or turn a blind eye and grab a donut. During sobriety tests, arrestees commonly say “I couldn’t do this sober!” Understand that words are powerful, and during an arrest your own words can dig you a deeper hole that may make it difficult for you to get out of later on.

During an arrest, the officer will probably ask you several questions. For most of us, anxiety will kick in and our natural reaction is to answer. Every word you utter will be scrutinized and twisted regardless of how logical you convey your thought. To avoid this, simply ask to speak to an attorney. Be polite and very clear as to your wishes to see one. Officers must not continue questioning at that point. If the officer continues, then the tables have turned. The more questioning ensues, the better chances of your case being dismissed. It’s okay to be nervous, but stay calm and understand that you have the tools to avoid making this process harder than it needs to be.

Having to face a wall or bent over a car while your wrists are bound during an arrest can be a very overwhelming to anybody. Our first instinct is to escape this restricted feeling – Fight this urge! Stay calm. You will have your time to plead your defense and be released, however, this is not your time to do so. The arresting officer will not have second thoughts about arresting you. Resisting arrest will not only support a guilty verdict against you, but it will give the arresting officer justification for throwing you down on the pavement and digging a knee into your spine. Officers are under extreme stress and have to be cautious, so any sign of threat can leave you with a few bumps and bruises.

You have the right to remain silent so exercise that right and stay silent. In the process, ask to speak to your attorney. Under no circumstances, should you resist arrest. Guilty or innocent, invoking your rights and staying calm could be your golden ticket during this critical time.

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